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E22: They Blue It!

November 25, 2018


Comadreando: SoundSpace Performance at The Blanton Museum of Art, How we're feeling after the elections


Pop The News: Gains made in the midterm elections for women, POCs and LGBTQAI


What Exactly Do You Meme: Tweets and Memes and such


Clap Back Hear Around The World: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog claps back at Ted Cruz and Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum claps back at your president


Opinions…: Uncle Bernie needs to check himself


No Ma’am: Juan Gabriel's former manager needs to quit it with the rumors!


No, But Really, What Are you? Which Marvel character are you?


Ay Mi Gente: Michael calls out the Latino men in Texas for their voting and comedian Paul Rodrigue for his awful admission


Real History Has Curves and Shades: Learn about Willem Arondeus


Lecciones Learned: We prep Kim to resist in Spanish!


Eso Eso Eso: The Beto effect




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