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Welcome to POCa MADRE, a repository for the artistic endeavors and amplifier of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), especially highlighting  the LGBTQ, and Feminist members and ideas in our community. 


Created as an answer to the dearth of coverage for these communities' creative contributions to our culture, outlets like POCa MADRE are something that has been needed for some time now. It should not merely be as a token nod to voices that are often drowned out in the din. It is about facilitating and channelling those already powerful and important voices and points of view.


POCa MADRE stands for People of Color arts, and the phrase "poca madre" itself has two opposite meanings in the Spanish language. One is an expression of something bad used to communicate a feeling of disgust. The other meaning is a positive affirmation for something being great. The duality of the phrase's meaning speaks volumes about the real world experience we as People of Color, Women and/or LGBTQ individuals live daily. We can feel wholly part of our sub-communities (and at time the larger society), but for the most part, have to relegate our joy and sense of belonging to smaller circles of inclusion because we are made to feel Poca Madre (negative connotation). We often have to tell ourselves and our tight nit peers that we are Poca Madre (positive connotation.) If we don't, chances are, the society will not.


POCa MADRE is first and foremost about coming together and the sharing about the arts. The approach we are taking is through a lens that lends itself to broadening our community and finding strength in our diverse and often scattered numbers. In a time when we see our identities devalued through the media all around us, and we read tone deaf comments from friends and family on social media. We have to take it upon ourselves to truly define who we are, what we stand for and make sure people hear it.

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