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E8: The eNd Word

Dave and Michael are Kimless again and chat about:

Comadreando: School year wrapping up

Pop the news and feed the children: USA losing immigrant children, unarmed Guatemalan immigrant killed by ICE, Latinas harassed by ICE in Montana, NFL bans kneeling during national anthem

I Hear Ya: Christeene's new album

Mira Mira: artist Dawn Okoro's show at the Carver Museum

The Clap Back heard around the world: Cardi B and Azealia Banks

Opinions Are Like Assholes…: Time to retire the "N" word?

!Ay Mi Gente!: Paint ballin' gansta' shoot outs

Lecciones Learned: No mames, mamón!

Eso Eso Eso: Woman calls cop on Black man for being Black but cop threatens to arrest her instead!

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