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46: Minneapolis Goddamn

Comadreando: We are witnessing one of those history changing weeks. The United States crossed the milestone of 100,000 dead from Coronavirus while also seeing a huge resurgence of the other virus that infects this country: racism. This is a week in which a confluence of events have laid completely bare America’s racist reality and white supremacy problem. Check in with the gang. How are we doing?

Pop The News: Amy Cooper’s call to the cops

The murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests and riots

Michael’s experience at the protest in Austin

What Exactly Do You Meme?

No, But Really, What Are you?: How much of a Karen are you?

Opinions Are Like Assholes: What do we feel about protest rioting? Has the community’s attitude changed about it as being effective, the last means of making the voices of the unheard heard, or unproductive folly?

Clapback Heard Around the World: Cardi B and Thomi Lauren at it again

Ay, Mi Gente: Wear Those Masks!!! Protect our communities!

Eso Eso Eso:

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