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38: Oh (MG), Canada

Comadreando: POCaMadre Magazine and Live Podcast at the Elisabet Nay Museum Wrap Up

Pop The News: Guyger trial for the murder of Botham Jean, Justin Trudeau's black face habit,

What Exactly Do You Meme?

No, But Really, What Are you? What would your stripper song be?

Opinions Are Like Assholes: Cancel Culture. Are we all disposable and not redeemable?

Clapback Heard Around the World: Canadian Twitter User epically defends her country and stomps on an U.S. tweeter's attacks with scathing critique of the U.S.A.

Lecciones Learned: Mas Memes

Eso Eso Eso: The kids are alright: Environmental activist kids speak loudly for all of our sake

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