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E9: Rosanne's Barred

Dave and Michael are Kimless again and chat about:

Comadreando: School is out!

Pop the news and feed the children: Rosanne, the ERA

I Hear Ya: Tihorappers Crew

The Clap Back heard around the world: Sanofi vs Rosie, Peña Nieto vs Trump, Pusha T vs Drake

Opinions Are Like Assholes…: Trump not getting flack for Puerto Rico because it's an island of brown people

No Ma'am: Santorum's frothy statement about lost immigrant children

!Ay Mi Gente!: Rap Beefs go too far!

Real History: Black Wallstreet

Lecciones Learned: NSFW/ NSFC, Vulgar Anatomy

Eso Eso Eso: There IS such a thing as a free lunch (Thanks Austin ISD)

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