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E21: Electile Dysfunction

November 9, 2018


Comadreando: dancing


Pop The News: midterm election shit, voter supression


What Exactly Do You Meme: Tweets and Memes and such


Clap Back Hear Around The World: Stacey Abrams claps back at her opponent in the Georgia Gubernatorial race, Brian Kemp. 


Opinions…: CNN's Don Lemmon says White Men are the biggest terrorist threat to this country


No Ma’am: teachers in Idaho elementary school dress as stereotypical Mexicans and a border wall. 


No, But Really, What Are you? A Qué Shakira Te Pareces Más? QUIZ HERE


Lecciones Learned: review test time for Kim!


Eso Eso Eso: father teaches empowering pledge to son to say every morning VIDEO HERE

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