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E26: Back to the Grind(r)

Comadreando: Kim takes over Dave’s Grindr and sets him up with someone on the app.

Pop The News: The number of children without insurance in the US rises, Pacific Life pauses advertising on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Show, Hypocrite Speaker of the House Paul Ryan crams through increase of white immigrants into the US, Kansas State Legislator Barbara Bollier switches parties citing moral issues, Cheeto Administration ended important line of research in the cure for AIDS

What Exactly Do You Meme?: Tweets and memes and bits and bobs.

No Ma’am: Phoenix school has students dress in KKK hoods and robes for a school theater production!

Clapback Heard Around the World: Flint Michigan water activist named Mari Copeny read Tomi Lohren her rights, Ann Coulter gets clapped back by a doctor who tells her to stay in HER lane.

Eso Eso Eso: Andrew Freborg poem asking for unity and understanding

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